Creative Bulletin n.107

Creative Bulletin n.107

Mario was reviewed for one of Italy’s most important editorial insert in the newspaper Repubblica. It’s one of the most amazing things that could happen to an Italian writer. So, yes: it called for a celebration ❤️🎉

Since a bunch of you keep on asking (thank you ❤️), Mario will be available soon in English.

🦊🦊🦊 What we’ve been up to this week

  • We started Beta testing Edito, our tool for manuscript editing! Drumroll: we’re on the homestretch 🔥
  • We started designing Sefirot’s stand for the Turin Book Fair (yeah, we’re going for round two 😉)
  • Matteo keeps on yapping about getting a personal assistant and an office space. Who knows if both of these things will happen at one point?

🐈🐈🐈 What we’ve learned

In August of last year we decided to publish Mario ourselves. Matteo had it there, ready, for two years, he was sure it was a good novel, but he wished for another publisher to put it out there. He needed someone from the outside to tell him: «Yes, you are a writer». He wanted external recognition. When no one accepted to publish it and we finally decided to do it with Sefirot, he was so ashamed (his hands trembled as he was writing the bulletin announcing the decision 😂). Even Andrea, who took care of the editing, was sure he could handle it, but he had never done it before. It was an important and difficult decision because we had to recognize ourselves as a writer and an editor.

It’s been two months since Mario came out, and a miracle happened: an established literary critic wrote in an important magazine that the novel is worth reading. He legitimized us.  It can’t be a coincidence: to finally be recognized once we decided to recognize ourselves.

🌈 Takeaway: if we want recognition, we have to be the first to do it
If we want to be seen as writers, artists, creatives, designers or any other thing, we must start seeing ourselves as that. And act accordingly, focus our energy in that direction and, rest assure, the world will respond.
I mean, let’s be honest: if we don’t believe, no one will be able to convince us otherwise 😘

With ❤️,
Matteo and Andrea

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