Creative Bulletin n.126

Creative Bulletin n.126

The Book Fair went really well. There was a cozy and familiar energy at the V77 stand, so much so that, yesterday morning when Matteo woke up, he was sad that it was all over 😊

❤️❤️❤️ The most memorable moments

  • Mario’s presentation. It was so much fun, we scattered pieces of burned pages from the book, and we came up with a way to talk about Mario that could be intriguing even for those who were hearing about it for the first time; basically it was a presentation that we would have liked to attend. And at the end, the girl in charge of the room came to congratulate us 🙏 – p.s. After the presentation Matteo was so nervous that his abdomen started hurting and he had to spend half an hour bent forward 😂
  • Edito’s workshop. We were sitting at a table in front of about forty people (all taking notes!) talking about editing with Dalia Oggero from Einaudi. I mean… who would have thought it even possible?! It was magic.
  • intùiti’s evening. Three new friends from the bulletin actually came. It really happened 😉 At 9pm they rang the doorbell and… well it was a secret meeting, right?
  • Claudio Santamaria (famous Italian actor. If you haven’t seen Jeeg Robot…what are you waiting for?) He walked past the stand and yelled: «I have intùiti!». That was awesome 😂
  • Dinners. We ate in so many places (it was a hungry group of people). Around 2pm the most asked question in the stand was: «Where can we make a reservation tonight???» – We definitely applied the “cycling of resources”, a good chunk of what we made selling our products went into our bellies as food and wine. We were working but it felt a bit as a vacation 😍
Trust wine and salami. This year was very good for PR, we felt comfortable leaving the stand thanks to an amazing staff so we were free to spend quite some time in the lounge, the private area where we could strike a conversation with whomever we wanted. We didn’t need anything in particular – we didn't need a distributor nor an editor nor a literary agent – so our PR was really small talk. It was certainly an advantage because we could clearly see an important thing: if you are powerful and you behave in an unpleasant or condescending (or even worse, creepy) way and I do not need the power you represent, what’s left of you is only an unpleasant, condescending and creepy memory. We were lucky enough to avoid that kind of people while we had fun talking to those who were kind and open. The best one was a publisher who, towards the end, while everyone rushed to dismantle the stands as quickly as possible, decided to give away wine and salami, making the whole process as easy as possible. A true idol ❤️

Once again, we’d like to thank those who came to say hi and those who helped us during the marvelous and exhausting days of the Fair 🙏🙏🙏

With ❤️,
Matteo and Andrea

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