Creative Bulletin n.137

Creative Bulletin n.137

🦊🦊🦊 Our holidays

  • Matteo read intùiti for himself: he picked the three cards you see above (305, 405 e 105) to reflect on the problems he’s dealing with a the moment, and then he picked the card placed above the others (V) as an answer to the question: «Can I solve these problems through writing?»
    The fascinating aspect is that all of the problems are linked to a 5, which is conflict – on an energetic level (tiredness), material level (feeling miserable) and on a mental level (failure) – but 5 is also the solution. If we look at it on a higher level, it identifies a leap towards what’s divine. Bottom line, to get out of this rut, he put his head down working on Mario4 😂 You can picture him in the house in the mountains as he meditates and writes while Sole the cat rests on his lap every so often.
  • Andrea is in Sardinia with his wife Francesca. From the pictures one can see and feel how relaxed they are 😅
  • Deadline. We still have things to do (you can go on holiday but the company needs to keep on going), but we are taking the liberty of being imprecise with deadlines. A bit irresponsible, yes, but it tastes good: it tastes of summer 😉

🎉🎉🎉 Celebration

Last week we told you that we were going to raise the prices of our products to keep up with rising costs. Well, it worked: customers keep on coming and supporting us. Thank God, cause when we made the choice we were shitting our pants 😂 – this calls for a celebration!

🔥🔥🔥 What we’ve been thinking about

Matteo watched the new Elvis’ film. He was happily impressed while watching the life stages of this incredible talent: one year he was on top of the world, then he came crashing down and then, once again, he was back at the top of the world. Matteo thought that life fluctuates like that for everyone. It is a succession of different eras. And it is something that we have experienced ourselves, and we continue to experience to this day: one year we feel that we are killing it, another year we are left chasing bizarre ideas, then we stop to get back on track, and then we are back riding the wave. It made us feel better to realize that even the Greatest go through these ups and downs 😊

🌈 Creative takeaway: let’s keep the kind of friends that would slap us stupid very close.
What touched Matteo the most about Elvis’ story, is that no friend of him walked up to the guy and slapped him stupid saying: «Dude, you’re getting lost, you’re making a mess, wake the fuck up!» It’s easier to change when someone we love has the courage to come and slap us to wake us up and get us back to reality.
If you have those kind of friends, keep them close 😉

With ❤️,
Matteo and Andrea

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