Creative Bulletin n.143

Creative Bulletin n.143

As we do when the launch of a new product approaches, we created a landing page for the occasion 😍 If you are curious, you can take a peek at BAD right here >>

Let us know what you think!

🚀🚀🚀 What we’ve been up to this week

  • We planned the shooting for BAD’s video (it’s going to happen next monday, we’ll let you know how it goes 😉)
  • We finally found an assistant 🙏 she’ll help out with distribution, invoice and deadlines!
  • We managed to better organize the Social media and Adv departments, a task that lightens our load quite a bit.  

We have learned how to delegate. We’re surprised at how fast we found all the collaborators we needed. Years ago we would have hesitated and worried that we wouldn’t been able to handle these professionals. This time it was all so…smooth: we went through dozens of interviews (being unusually patient 😅) and then we picked those we preferred without hesitating too much.

🌈 Takeaway: let’s value the I WANT again.
There is a reason why we no longer have a problem with delegating. You know those people who ask a million questions at the restaurant? And right before having to make a decision they go: "Oh, so the pasta is not homemade? Then I don’t want it.” We started doing just that: we go into detail of what we want and what we need, and we’re not afraid to say no if what is offered to us is different even in a small part from what we have asked for.

👉 In the past, we thought that being too demanding was a bit assholish, and that compromise and understanding were more acceptable ways. That's not true: we were victims of a weird kind of complacency and it translated into a lot of headaches. We were taught that to say "I want" was rude and, well, we were taught wrong 😅

We shouldn’t be afraid to say «I want this, I want that», and we shouldn't settle. That’s the most honest way not to waste any time both for yourself and others 🦊

With ❤️,
Matteo and Andrea

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