Creative Bulletin n.158

Creative Bulletin n.158

We booked our flights: right before the end of BAD’s Kickstarter campaign, we’ll head to San Francisco for three weeks looking for investors, partnerships but mostly a new vision.

We’ll be there from February 13th to March 3rd. If any of you is around the area we would love to meet you for a chat, a coffee or even an intùiti reading ❤️

After launching many crowdfunding campaigns and after having traveled abroad quite a few times trying our luck, we could easily give in to the feeling of knowing what we are doing and that things will go our way. That’s so far from the truth. We could do something one hundred times and still we would not be sure of the outcome. Ironically, the aspect we know best is risks. It’s a fact that in the past we blindly dove into reckless endeavors using the naiveté that comes from inexperience as a shield, the difference today is that we know what we’re getting ourselves into 😅

BAD’s campaign could turn out to be a disaster in spite of all our effort and know-how, or it could be a huge success. The trip to San Francisco could be an endless list of useless meetings or it might be one of those stories that we’ll tell our grandkids. We don’t know. It is a bet every time. Truth is, nothing is certain: something unbelievable could happen, one of those things that make you laugh out loud and say: «How did it happen???» or we might come home with our heads bowed down and tail between our legs.

We are aware that results are often linked to completely random factors (one of our most successful collabs happened because Matteo got drunk on a trendy rooftop in Hong Kong once), just like the good ol’ story of the butterfly flapping its wings in Beijing.

In short, we’re scared but we’ll jump anyway.

With ❤️,
Matteo and Andrea

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