Creative Bulletin n.159

Creative Bulletin n.159

Here we are, looking like a true team, about to launch BAD’s Kickstarter campaign ❤️ up to that point it was a truly glorious day (one hour after the launch, the adrenaline dropped and you could see the exhaustion on our faces 😂).

The following day wasn’t as nice: we were told about two posts on social media, one made by a famous writer and one by an influential editor, where they destroyed Fabula and Edito (without knowing or using the product) which led to hundreds of comments from their followers.

When these things happen, and it does happen more often than you might think, we tend to let it go, but yesterday was different, we really got upset. Behind our products there’s sweat, blood, and happy faces like the ones you see in the picture, so we decided to give back what was thrown at us.

It’s kinda funny. First they attacked the products for their mere existence, as if saying something new or different about the writing and publishing world is a capital sin. But when we named names of experts and sources that are behind the creation of Fabula and Edito, the music changed and the criticism moved onto our sales system, which was deemed too aggressive, direct and even counterproductive.

We became really frustrated so our answers were ruthless to the point of both the authors of the posts writing and apologizing to us 😅

🌈Creative takeaway: instead of criticizing, we steal.

What the hell! Why are sentences like “It doesn’t work”, “Ah, that’s not the way” so easy to say and accepted by most even when those talking know nothing about what they’re attacking?  If someone thought about doing it, maybe that first impression is wrong and the thing being attacked is useful and it works! We study the products that we see around, even those we don’t like so we can go beyond prejudice and also we learned to put the effort in understanding communication strategies used to market these products (yes, even when they sound unusual and distant from our ways). Bottom line, instead of criticizing to the hilt, let’s try to get inspired by others and, if it is possible, let’s copy the whole thing.

Besides, if we would’ve paid attention to those who told us “It doesn’t work, it’s not right” we would’ve never done what we did with our company.

With ❤️,
Matteo and Andrea

The takeaway goes both ways: if we’re told that our communication strategy is too aggressive, we keep that in mind and we run tests. In the end we will choose whatever works best 😂

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