Creative Bulletin n.169

Creative Bulletin n.169

In the photo you can see the hazel tree under which Matteo's first cat, Sefirot, is buried (he passed away the day before we went to the notary to register the name of the company).

Matteo planted the hazel tree 4 and a half years ago, it is the same age as our company and as of today itโ€™s 2 meters high.
It is a constant reminder that we have been through a lot since we used to pack and ship boxes at the post office by hand ๐Ÿ˜‚ and that in spite of all the difficulties we encountered, just like the hazel tree, we too have grown deeper roots. It also reminds us that life doesn't go as fast as the internet, startups, digitization and whatnot make it seem: you can push and yell all you want but in the end you can't grow mighty branches all at once. It takes calm, strategy and above all patience.
And the right season, too.

The tree shows us that each of us is growing, some of us are taking care of the tiniest details of a foosball table, some are extrapolating deep concepts watching hours of videos, some are looking for typos in products that are about to go to print, some are thinking about new steps to penetrate the market, some are learning how to manage a team. And we might not see it in the process but who knows how tall we'll be in the spring ๐Ÿ˜‰

With โค๏ธ,
Matteo and Andrea

Thanks dad for the photo

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