Creative bulletin n.171

Creative bulletin n.171

Yesterday Matteo had the flu. It turned out to be a blessing: he stayed home and drew the cover of Mario4. He hadn't felt that creative in weeks.

It reminded him that to do things with intensity you must take a moment for yourself, turn off your cell phone and forget everything else, even the passing of time. He did just that and all of a sudden it was almost nine o'clock and the painting was finished 😅

We’re getting structured. We’re working tirelessly to build two internal teams (one for communication and one for product development) that can work together. It's quite a challenge, we've never held so many interviews!

🌈 Creative takeaway: calm and order.
It is tempting for those who are creative to think that a must, when it comes to creativity, is to lock yourself in the house and go on a heroic rampage painting an image that you dreamed about the night before. But there's another way: take a few hours for your task, surround yourself with quietness, work on a clean table and without distractions.
We realize that so much of the frustration we feel comes from the clutter we have been working in for years, from files scattered everywhere, folders and subfolders, ideas sketched out and never finished.
In short, we want to implement a Marie Kondo way of life, in order to work better 😂

With ❤️,
Matteo and Andrea

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