Creative bulletin n.172

Creative bulletin n.172

We are almost ready to go to print with BAD 🤟
It took us a while because we were designing a better system for pulling out the book and cards, and in the picture you can see the end result. We are very happy with it!

🦊🦊🦊 What we’ve been up to

  • Andrea is working on a series of YouTube videos, specifically lessons on Fabula and Edito. Yes, we’re finally working towards generating organic traffic!
  • Sara is working on some graphic designs for the gadgets we’ll premiere at the Turin Book Fair. To quote her: «We have some vintage mugs that are the bomb! The Bomb!»
  • Simone is editing a gazillion ads videos. On Facebook and Instagram we’ll showcase extremely creative pics and videos (all thanks to him 🔥)
  • Matteo is developing a funnel system that could help Sefirot to break free from just relying on ads.

In the meantime we’re also thinking about how to expand the creative department to start working on new products (we will hold a workshop in IAAD for just that 😉).

🌈 Creative takeaway: difficulties are often not THE difficulties
The magnitude of things we have to do (and would like to do) is almost always so overwhelming that it feels unmanageable: too big to think about, imagine, even delegate, so much so that it turns into headaches or a desire to run away.
👉 The funny thing about it? It's a huge hoax: like when facing an equation that seems hard, almost impossible to solve, well most of the time all you have to do is sit there and carefully disentangle the skein to solve everything.
We realized that we often identify things like managing the team, or finding a new business model, or changing suppliers as a difficulty. But in fact the difficulty is something else entirely (and that's where we get it twisted!): for example, we get offended and stop being focused, or we get lonely and wait for someone else to help us, so we become lazy and inattentive.
The amazing thing is that once you take away the real difficulty- pride, being patronizing, anger, loneliness, abandonment- then everything becomes easier.
How about you? What is your real difficulty?

With ❤️,
Matteo and Andrea

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