Creative bulletin n.175

Creative bulletin n.175

Yesterday we shot some videos for Cicero's ads. In the picture you can see Simone and Sara (I'm inside the camera along with Sole, my cat 😅).

After a few rather cheesy shots, in which I looked into the camera to say why and how Cicero is a great product, we thought: «Let's also do a skit for Edito».
That’s when the magic happened. We started playing with shots and lighting, creating tragicomic situations, bursting out things like «Let’s make it more Pulp Fictiony!». In short, we started to really have fun. It was like going back to the early Sefirot videos, when we would be inside of a room, with a handful of resources, and to make it work we had to be creative for real. Next week we will show you what we came up with! 😍

🔥🔥🔥 Times of change

These days we are devoting a lot of time and energy to preparing for the Turin Book Fair, which is just around the corner (if you visit us at booth W69 in the Oval hall, we will have some nice surprises in store for you!).
Aside from the Fair, there is a feeling of revolution in the air: I'm not sure what we are going to change specifically, yet I feel that my hands are itching, my stomach is ticklish, something is transforming. It may be the transition from a single-channel company (we only sell online) to a multichannel one, or a series of new special operations (courses, workshops, etc.). I feel the pressure rising and the air crackling like before a thunderstorm. And I want this thunderstorm to happen.

🌈 Creative takeaway: do ut des my ass
What bothered me the most in the last few weeks was realizing that 80% of my energy (most likely more than that) is channeled toward very "business" and organizational actions: finding new sources of income, managing the team, etc.
In the last call with the rest of the team, I very brazenly said «Do ut des», to explain that if we offered courses, workshops, and ancillary products, our community would in return provide economic resources to continue developing new products. Very smartassish of me 😂 Even now I still focus too much on the second part of the deal, the receiving.
I asked myself almost five years later, why I started Sefirot. The heart of it is still there: I felt I was dying stuck in normal jobs and I wanted to really experience my creativity.
And now I'm doing 80-plus percent not-so-creative things in the hope that people will give me the resources to get back into doing the more creative ones. Hahaha. Jackass. Do ut des my ass.
The feeling of creativity is a fire that ignites, that spills out and contaminates. Do ut do ut do, and it will get somewhere and then who knows what energy will come back. I want to talk about what the discipline of being creative is, what faith in a project looks like, the recognizing yourself, the finding the strength to make it happen. I really want to start a fire and feed it, both my own and that of those who want to live like that. Otherwise Sefirot becomes just an e-commerce thing and that’s just boring.
Bottomline, I think new products are coming 🔥

With ❤️,

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