Creative bulletin n.178

Creative bulletin n.178

Monday night I held a presentation on the Mario' series for the release of Mario4. Thanks again to Andrea, events manager of laFeltrinelli libraries, for organizing, and to those who came to support 🙏

🐈🐈🐈 What we’ve been up to

The post-book fair recovery is always tough and finding back the pace has been very challenging. Now that the fog is clearing and we are starting to see each other's faces again 😂…

  • Sara is working on the layout for the book that will contain 30 analysis of films made with Fabula by a film expert.
  • Simone is editing the first videos for our YouTube channel, as well as the - beautiful! - ones we recorded in our booth at the Book Fair, (they look like infomercials ❤️)
  • Daniela is testing new business models.
  • I'm working on the merging of our websites. Soon we will have everything under 🥹
🌈 Creative takeaway: let’s do exactly what scares us
When the events manager at laFeltrinelli libraries called me to say: «I like your products. How about I set up some presentations for you?» I could've played it easy and started with Fabula, Edito or intùiti, presentations that I have already done dozens and dozens of times and that would have made me feel comfortable.
Instead, I asked myself: «What would make you feel uncomfortable and scare the shit out of you?» and the answer came pretty fast: Mario.
Because it's a novel and not a product, because I care about it in a more intimate way, and most of all because it sounds so much like a self-publication and I'm ashamed to get on a stage and say it. Not only that: I am especially ashamed to do it alone, without calling a sidekick to support me.
Finally, I said to myself: «Alright, let's shit our pants, otherwise we'll always live halfway». I prepared a speech that would last over an hour and I accepted that I was afraid and that I felt like an asshole as I occasionally stuttered and needed to stop to drink water because my tongue felt like it was made of sand.
A lot of friends came to support me ❤️
And they were teary-eyed when I finished.
And it was beautiful.
How about you? What is the thing that scares you the most?

With ❤️,

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