Creative bulletin n.185

Creative bulletin n.185

Small teams grow ❤️ It's impressive to think that a few years ago there were just two of us and now we have to make alignment calls to decide how to coordinate the workflow.

Hurray for benchmarking. This week the creative team (Sara, Simone, and Daniela) was on a 5 hours call with Francesco to work on a new social media strategy. As a first step, they devoted themselves to benchmarking and, specifically, they studied other Instagram pages for inspiration. It helped: they developed a great foundation to build something solid.

When I asked them what impressed them most about the whole process, they said: «We were amazed that we could learn so much from people who do different things than we do».
That’s what good work sounds like ❤️

Feminine and masculine. We are scattered all over the place, some in Turin, some in Padua, others in Bologna, Lisbon, Piacenza. For the last few weeks I have been in the mountains, on retreat with my spiritual teacher. I had the opportunity to work on my masculine and feminine sides, my conscious and subconscious, and I let them talk. It was mind-blowing: my conscious expresses itself as a rigid, almost metallic leader; my unconscious is a witch who won't stop laughing while she teases the masculine part for being too stiff as he tries to keep her at bay.
It rang a bell immediately: I've always tried to make my irrational part more digestible to others, to disguise my intuition as explainable ideas cause I didn’t want to come off as crazy 😅

🌈 Creative takeaway: give yourself permission to be crazy
When we bite the bullet for the sake of being polite, when we stay seated at a table even though we wish we were somewhere else, when we have a hunch that we have to turn right but don't allow ourselves to. The irrational versus the rational; the unjustifiable versus the justifiable; rules versus the freedom to be the way we feel at that moment.
I don't know about you, but my most creative ideas and my best choices have come that way, without a logical explanation. Life itself, if we think about it, happens the same way.
So let's unleash the crazy, let it flow and listen to it, let's feed off it and give it space, even if someone may judge us and deem us weird or, why not, a little crazy.
Is there another real way to resonate? 😘

With ❤️,

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