Creative bulletin n.188

Creative bulletin n.188

I was struggling with this bulletin and asked intùiti for help.
The cards I drew (the ones in the photo) invited me to focus on the joy of living and the concept of giving and receiving.
The word «joy» in particular resonated with me 😘

A possible misunderstanding. I think fatigue and discouragement have transpired from the bulletins of the past few months. Well…that’s exactly the case. It is impossible (and unnecessary) to deny it. It has been Sefirot's most difficult year: drops in sales, internal divisions, stress galore. Several times I stopped to ask myself, «What am I doing wrong? Do I need to completely revolutionize the whole thing?» and, in the most desperate moments I even thought, «What do I need to destroy?» Since yes, there have been desperate moments like I think it’s true in all endeavors. Don't take these moments as deterrents, though; I’m not second guessing anything; it is indeed the opposite.

Those who love more, suffer more. My philosophy teacher used to say it all the time. It also applies to creativity. There is no greater joy than working on our own project, one that is representative of us and belongs to us. You won’t find that same feeling of fulfillment anywhere else. And there is no greater pain when something goes wrong. It's the price to pay: since we put our souls into it, we will defend it with all our might, and in the face of problems and worries we will have strong, visceral reactions. Some will even tell us that we are overreacting. But trust me: it is a gift to be excessive. Lukewarm people don't have fun 😅

The best school. I always tell young creatives: you can never learn as much and as fast as working on your own project. You pull all-nighters, you never feel tired, you strive for excellence (not the standard dictated by others but your own standard) and you challenge your limits. One day you feel great, the next day you feel like shit. And that's how you evolve.

🌈 Creative takeaway: do it.
Whether it's a book, a project, a company: do it. Are there any guarantees? No. Will you be afraid? Big time. Will you regret it? I don't think so. Pouring all of you into something that is your own is the most profound way to give the world who you are and, rest assured, the world will respond.

With ❤️,

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