Creative bulletin n.197

Creative bulletin n.197

The most satisfying moment of the week came courtesy of those 4 blue buttons in the Report section of our management system (it only took a month of work to get them up and running!). They are designed to help us considerably in streamlining administration. When I tried them out and they worked I almost cried. That's how desperate we were 😂

Channeling energies. We talked about it during our weekly meeting with the team. Every now and then we need to remind ourselves to use our energy intelligently because we often fall into the trap of engaging in tasks that are unhelpful, marginal, have low impact, and bring little satisfaction.
👉 If you noticed, for example we stopped posting so much on our social accounts. We realized that unfortunately it is useless, time and energy consuming and also costly: those who are in charge of it find that they are working hard for a lousy return and they get very frustrated. So it's better to invest energy where we can leave a mark!

A revealing call. On Thursday I had a chat with Patrick, one of our advisors, who manages to always be enlightening. After listening to my worries, the issues I'm constantly beating myself up about, he said: «Matteo I feel like I can see you up on this tower, watching over everything from above. Maybe it's time to come down».

He is so right! I tried to handle higher and higher problems while avoiding getting my hands dirty, and whenever there was a question of whether to pursue a project, I would ask myself, «Is it scalable? Can I let someone else handle it? Or will it take too much of my time?»

🌈 Creative takeaway: the heart is not scalable
I started sending out surveys to learn more about those who bought our products but, this time, I suggested that anyone who wanted to, could book a call with me, to get to know each other, because I want to learn what they are doing, what they want, and how I can really help them do more.
While I was out jogging the other night, I got the urge to get my hands dirty, to put myself at the service of others, to open Sefirot Consulting (also involving my collaborators and the amazing experts I've met over the years) to offer intùiti sessions, consultations to do creative projects, to analyze businesses with BAD, to refine a novel.
And this idea excited me, and brought me back down to earth 🔥

With ❤️,

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