Creative Bulletin n.200

Creative Bulletin n.200

We've hit the 200 bulletins mark 🎉🎉🎉
It's been over 4 years of sharing stories with you, and creativity has morphed into many shapes and forms: products, trips, events, workshops, people. Thanks to everyone who has contributed in making this journey so special 🙏

The misunderstanding of feminine. In response to the last bulletin, it was pointed out to me that my energy is very masculine and often aggressive, and it can come off as upsetting to those who desire a more feminine approach. The reference was to the masculine and feminine principles within each of us, where the former is more assertive and the latter more welcoming.

I believe there is a major misunderstanding about this point: the feminine principle may be more graceful, softer, lighter, but it is also the most emotional, disruptive, and when it loses its temper it turns out to be beautifully crazy.
👉 The feminine principle is not soft or tepid; it is quite the opposite.
To respect the feminine within us – which is the root of intuition and the most powerful part of creativity – it means to recognize its power. It's not just a gentle, welcoming force; it's also the power that doesn't mind knocking over a table if it's offended and laughs out loud about it a moment later 🔥

What I did over the weekend. I went with Sefirot's booth to a publishing fair. I don't know why, whether because of a communication problem or the wrong star alignment but the event was dead. It was a good opportunity to meet other publishers, however there was not much to do: the aisles around the booths were empty and we were all getting bored.
I was supposed to stay on Sunday as well (we had paid for both days), but at 7 p.m., in front of the confused looks of other publishers, I put all the products back in the boxes and made a run for it.

🌈 Creative takeaway: don't be afraid to override social norms.
Quitting an event in the midst of it, leaving the booth empty without telling anyone. That's something you don't do, right? But you have no idea how glad I was that I did it!
The truth is that I didn't want to waste another day there (and I don't think any of the other editors wanted to), and in the car as I was leaving, I could feel the buzz of my being mischievous, and I felt alive, in tune with myself and free.
That's what I think feminine energy is: to really feel what we feel, what we really want, and just go with it, without worrying about other people's judgment or – most often – our own 😘

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