Creative Bulletin n.202

Creative Bulletin n.202

Last weekend I went to L’Aquila, as a guest of the association L’Aquila che Rinasce in charge of the Sulle tracce del Drago Festival, which focuses on pop culture. I held workshops on intùiti, Fabula and Cicero, and I was spoiled beyond words (I ate so well I can’t even begin to describe it ❤️)

Shrinking in 2024. We have big ideas and projects for the beginning of 2024 –  a course on editing, reopening the second level course for iintùiti, launching Creative Ambush and Sefirot’s own consulting – that’s why we’re trying to slim down.

👉 To Shrink. We can't expand without shrinking first; we can't evolve without first reducing the noise, the unnecessary, ineffective work. In the last few months we worked exactly towards that: to optimize what we have been doing, to eliminate the tasks that everyone says are necessary but in fact were not affecting us in any positive way. It's a bit like emptying your backpack, to make it light before going on an adventure.

Well, we did it: now we are ready 🤟

🌹What I felt this week
On Friday I woke up and took the train from Turin to Rome. From there I rented a car to reach L'Aquila. I left home at 10:30 a.m. and arrived at the hotel 8 hours later. I went alone, not knowing where I would sleep, where I would eat in the evening, and whether I would share a meal with anyone. The association that was hosting me had arranged my accommodation, but my talk was scheduled for the next day so I didn't know if I would meet them upon my arrival, and frankly I forgot to ask. In short, I was kind of lost.

Can I tell you the truth? I felt great 😅 I was so happy to wander around the freezing streets of the city and have no idea what I was going to do next. I felt alive, free, with no expectations. Anything could happen, and the wonder of feeling like that was that as a result I felt ready for anything.

🌈 Creative takeaway: be ready for anything and everything
Stop holding on! Let go: leave for a weekend and book the hotel at the last minute, go out in the evening by yourself and let your feet take you where they want to go, write in a stream of consciousness, let whatever is inside come out, put yourself in a situation of doubt.
Do you feel the incredible strength you have?
Only if we are ready for everything, anything can happen 🌟

With ❤️,

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