Creative Bulletin n.201

Creative Bulletin n.201

This is what came out of my attempt at using ChatGPT 😂 I fed the system our website, then asked to create an image that could represent the entire world of Sefirot. I even dared to ask to read all the creative bulletins and write a new one but the result was not great. Besides, I wondered, if it had been great, would I have been happy about it?

Workshops galore. Saturday December 16th I will hold workshops on intùiti, Fabula and Cicero during the “Teatri d’Operazione” event in L’Aquila, specifically at the Palazzo dell’Emiciclo. If you’re around, come say hi 😉 >>

We’re slowing down. About a year ago we pushed the pedal to the ground: we created a team to see if more minds and more workforce would yield more results. It didn't go as we hoped 😂 I wasn't ready to manage a full-time team, and in the end I found that the only thing that this kind of choice brings, is an increase in problems and management time.

So now we are slowing down, each of us with more specific and timely tasks. Fewer things to do but more on point. This also gives me the time to get a grip on bureaucratic and administrative matters that I've been putting aside for months pretending they don't exist. The feeling is that the room is more clean and open 😎

To be wealthy is to have time. I read a book called The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel that explains how wealthy people have money set aside so they never feel at the end of the rope and can afford to think before making rash decisions. This turns into wiser and smarter choices. Basically, we need to give ourselves time to think things through, to ask ourselves the fundamental questions that will help us find the right path, to have a broader outlook.

🌈 Creative takeaway: it takes courage to go deeper
Taking away intricacies and excessive work gives us time to think about what we are doing, to get to the core: who are we? What are we trying to achieve? Do we really need a new product? Do we need a new writing program? Do we really like what we're doing?
By overcrowding our heads with thoughts, what we get in return is a lack of time to go deeper (a terrifying idea 😂) but if we don't go deeper, we'll most likely wake up in two years and think, «What the heck did I do to myself?»
How about you? What are your core questions?

With ❤️,

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