Creative Bulletin n.203

Creative Bulletin n.203

Happy 2024 to you all!
We open the year with the first draft of Creative Ambush's cover, the creativity manual I am working on. I'm at 44,000 words, 110 pages. It's coming together ❤️What do you think of the cover?

The shortest call ever seen. Yesterday we had the first call of the year with the team, and after 12 minutes I said: «Ok, we’re done».
There was a moment of confusion, everyone looked at me surprised. Yet it was obvious: I've cut so much in the last year that management has become clear, fast:

  • Francesco on automation
  • Matteo on copy
  • Simone on graphics and videos for the ads
  • Lino and Umberto on ads
  • Pandi and Giorgia logistics and administrations.

We all have measurable deadlines and goals, and we don’t need anything else for the engine to work. It was easy, wasn't it? 😂

Make room. On the first day of the year I woke up and threw out everything I hadn't used in two years, including clothes and objects. The hardest task was to open the drawer and throw away old socks 😱
With Sefirot, I did the same thing: over the past few months I've been trying to get rid of all the superfluous tasks that were suffocating us, and now that there are fewer things to do, I feel like there's space to devote the right amount of time to those that are left.
👉The other day I managed to have fun while thinking of new angles for our ads! I had fun ❤️ And that hadn't happened in years.

Reach your own goals. I was surprised to think that I started jotting down Creative Ambush on October 3rd and, 3 months later, I have a good chunk of the book down. It's striking because sometimes we beat ourselves up over philosophical issues when the solution is easier: we need to work for what we want.
👉 Do I want to write a book? I have to write every day. Do I want the company to grow? I need to create new products. Do I want to win a marathon? I need to train.

🌈 Creative takeaway: put some effort in
If I had not made a commitment to write this newsletter every week, I would have written 5 or 6, not 203. I am not always inspired. I don't always feel like it (in fact, some days it's a drag 😅) The urge comes to me by doing it. Inspiration sometimes comes after five minutes, sometimes after two hours. I still do it, otherwise I would never do it.
We can’t control creativity, but we can put ourselves in the position of being ready when it comes.
Let's set goals for this 2024 and then put ourselves in a position where we can achieve them.
Let's put in the effort 😘

With ❤️,

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