Creative Bulletin n.206

Creative Bulletin n.206

I’ve written about 55000 words for Creative Ambush, the manual on creativity that I’m currently working on. I’m missing the last part and then I can start the editing 🔥

Drafting is turning out to be more intense than I expected, I can only compare it to my experience in creating intùiti. I’m trying to distill everything I’ve learned in these past years and it’s pretty hard: I have to necessarily get naked and confront my vulnerabilities, my limits and the bullshit I keep on feeding myself 😂

Handle the energy. While I write the book I’m putting my ideas in order and I feel a new kind of clarity taking over which tells me that the true superpower of creative people is the ability to know their own energy and to navigate the ups and downs. To keep one's feet firm on the ground while the body sways in the storm. And mostly, a true creative knows why they are right there and then, planted in the ground and shook by the wind.

👉 What about you? Do you know why you’re there doing what you’re doing? Is it in line with what you really want? Or are you just waiting to finish what energy is left in you so at the end of the day you can say: «I’m too tired»?

I ask myself these questions day in and day out, even if it makes me feel uncomfortable. And if I don't like the answer I try to understand what isn’t working and I attempt to change it.

I could’ve mentioned the book for therapists that is about to come out or Fabula in Cinema that is ready to hit the online shelves, of how much easier is to handle a smaller team and yada yada yada. Yet I preferred to ambush you, just like I do with the manual; consider it a taste of what’s to come 😂

🌈 Creative takeaway: go look for the flame
I am challenging myself with this book. By trying to ambush readers, I have ambushed myself. I pushed myself into the dark, tripped, jumped into the pit. From time to time I ask myself: «Why???»
Because it is in the darkness that we must look for our flame.
If we stay in the light, it is impossible to see it.

With ❤️,

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