Creative Bulletin n.207

Creative Bulletin n.207

Yesterday I flew to Amsterdam and from there to Nuremberg to meet Umberto and attend the Spielwarenmesse, the Game Fair, (we will be there until February 2!).

At one point there were mountains below and so many clouds... and I thought that sometimes we complain about the small stuff of everyday life yet to see something wonderful you just have to be willing to wake up one morning and get on a plane 😅

What we’ve been up to this week:

  • I held a small workshop on BAD  on Saturday afternoon with Davide, who is reading right now, and two young entrepreneurs who are in the wine business. Of course we ended up in the wine shop doing an intùiti session 😂
  • Simone is producing a series of artistic shots of our products. You will see them soon on Facebook and Instagram!
  • Along with Francesco we have finally finished the email automations in all languages (i'm talking about those emails that keep popping up in your inbox 😅) - it was a gigantic effort.
  • I’m still going with Creative ambush, the handbook on creativity, and I am glad to have received so many inquiries via e-mail from you. We will publish it with Sefirot and you will be the first to know!

What we would like to do

  • A lot of people tell me that when I wear glasses I look like the professor from Money Heist so maybe, just maybe, we will do a spoof of the series for one of our ads 😂 We definitely laughed at the idea

It’s a matter of publicity. Do you know that the biggest cost a company like ours incurs is advertising? Not production, not shipping, not salaries but ... advertising. Every time I think about it, it blows my mind, and I imagine it's like that for anyone who has a product that they want to publicize: they actually have to spend money to sell it.

In the end, the products we know the most are from corporations, and I wonder how many good products exist that will never reach us.

🌈 Creative takeaway: let’s talk about what we like
I say this to myself too: I am often too lazy to hit the "share" button, even if I like what I see or find it interesting. I send out the funny cat video or a wrist toy that simulates spiderman's webs, but then I'm "cheap" when it comes to supporting someone's project.
Did you know that user acquisition can cost as much as 100€? Yep you read that right. And this number has grown because of our behavior.
Sometimes we don't think about it but talking about the things we like is really the best way to support them ❤️

With ❤️,

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