Creative Bulletin n.208

Creative Bulletin n.208

The one you see above is an ad for Edito, which made our social media channels burst with comments 😂 In the text we tell the story of Luciano (a madeup yet very plausible story) : if you work on your manuscript with a method, this will be more likely to be taken into consideration.

Between those who believed the newspaper article to be true and googled Luciano Agora, writing to us furiously that he doesn't exist, and those who called us communication amateurs, writing that such an ad wouldn't work, Sara had a hard time moderating the comments.

We’ll let you in a secret: it is our best performing ad 😂

Thanks to Luciano, for the first time we are really succeeding in selling Edito and getting the message across that doing an initial edit of your manuscript (even on your own) is important and will make the manuscript better. Apparently people are understanding this, and we are happy that a good tool is reaching so many people ❤️

Food for thought. This is not the first time we've been attacked for similar reasons. There is an ad going around in which Sara plays the role of a writer and talks about how she uses Fabula, and many have commented: «She is so not a writer» etc.

My question is: do people actually think that George Clooney drinks Nespresso every day? Or that Antonio Banderas eats Mulino Bianco cookies every morning or, even more absurd, that he actually makes those cookies? 😂

So what do we do? Do we take a step back?

🌈 Creative takeaway: dare to be outrageous
I think all this outrage happened because we hit a sensitive spot- it is, after all, easier to complain because no publishing house will publish you and how they are all evil than to roll up your sleeves and improve your manuscript-and it is just as easy to criticize a company’s communication strategy.
Alright so let’s take a step further, I thought, we don’t need to invent a Luciano, there are thousands of writers who use Fabula and Edito.

That ad has more than 100.000 views. If any of you want to tell us your story, or about the novel you published, we can make an even more outrageous ad, we’ll use a real story with your real name and last name and the actual title of the book!

Who feels up to it?

With ❤️,

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