Creative Bulletin n.209

Creative Bulletin n.209

The first part of the pic is a test for creating Creative Ambush's cover. I want to put a canvas on top of colored cards, and then lay it on a metal sheet, then I want to tear it apart with an awl or a screwdriver so that the holes make up the title of the book.

In the lower part of the photo, you can admire the system by which I carried said piece of metal (50x70cm) halfway across Turin. Yes, it is twine that is holding the whole thing together 😂

Creative Ambush is ready. It happened on Sunday morning. I realized I had written the last word when I realized I had nothing more to say; I had reached the end. It took me by surprise. I stared at the screen, and I whispered a, "Oh boy," and then I felt the emotion rise. In a few months you will be able to read it 💪

The Edito course is coming to you. The self-editing course powered by Edito will start in mid-March, held by Evelina Santangelo, editor and author for Einaudi and professor of Narrative Techniques at the Holden School. It will be very useful for those who want to have practical and effective knowledge to apply immediately to their manuscripts. I will share more information in a few days 🔥

I had an epiphany. I realized I have been obsessed with business (I guess that's a risk when you have a company). The ads started to make less, and I spent years trying to get them right, inventing new revenue channels, new gimmicks to grow Sefirot. I was tempted to adopt the capitalist view. «Let’s create a children's line» At the height of the delusion I even said «why don’t we come up with a product each month to throw into the market?». Lucky for me, i wasn’t able do any of that 😂

I thought about Matteo of five years ago, the one who opened Sefirot. Today he would have been happy to have the two things he had wanted so badly for years: resources to create new products and a channel to distribute them. That's the reason why Sefirot was born.

«So» I told myself the other day «you have everything you need! Stop worrying and do what you know how to do best: products you like».

🌈 Creative takeaway: follow your true nature
The other morning, in order to carry the metal sheet, I could have asked a friend to pick me up with a car, I could have rented a car myself, called a cab... but, it was sunny outside and I liked the idea of pedaling all the way there. Was it dangerous? Yes, but I didn't care.

And it was beautiful.
That's what happens when we follow our true nature: we have a great time 😘

With ❤️,

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