Creative Bulletin n.211

Creative Bulletin n.211

My days in Lisbon: outdoor cafés and the first print tests for Creative Ambush. These attempts turned out to be quite funny. I tried to book them over the phone with the local copy shop: «Do you speak English?», «No», (I tried spelling it out slowly but loudly in italian) «De-vo stam-pa-re dei fi-le», «Imprimir?», «Yes! yes, imprimir». In the end, I somehow managed 😂

🌹 A week of new creative ideas

  • New Fabula ad campaigns are coming out. After five years, we decided to try a more "elegant" way than the one you used to from us. I asked Alessandra, my Teacher,  for help since she was a great publicist back in the day. Let's see how it goes! 😊
  • We will also be releasing a rather comical video in which we spoof Money Heist using Fabula and Edito. When you see it, remember that the images are all taken freehand by Simone!
  • I am exploring the possibility of creating a Branding tool. To be specific: to decline brands in their different outputs (advertising, websites, corporate culture, etc.)

🌟 Expanding into a new city
It's been years since I moved to another city and it's fun to try to branch out, with all the awkwardness and stumbles of the case: I went climbing in a Portuguese gym and, fed up with the means, took an Uber home; I tried to love tascas (typical restaurants) only to find out I can't digest the garlic they put on meat 😂; I searched in vain for baking parchment and soluble chicory in three supermarkets.

Adjusting to a new place is hard, but it reminds me of going to the gym when you push your limits so that the effort can temper you

🌈 Creative takeaway: ask your dreams.
A couple of days ago I felt nervous because I had finished Creative Ambush and didn't know what to write. So before I fell asleep I asked to be sent a suggestion, a sign, anything. I ended up dreaming of a story and in the dream, I was taking notes saying to myself: «Ok I need to write this one». I started the next day.
Ask your dreams, it works 🤟

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