Creative Bulletin n.213

Creative Bulletin n.213

Creative Ambush is getting better and better ๐Ÿ”ฅ In a few days it will be ready to read for some helpful beta readers!

Experiments and new products

  • I am learning Portuguese by using memory techniques and, surprisingly, it is working! I am memorizing 10 words a day with the goal of increasing to a rate of 60 and then learning a thousand words to juggle the language. And I really believe it is possible to develop a series of products to achieve this in a systematic way ๐Ÿš€
  • We are working on a tool to decline branding on different outlets (adv, events, websites, etc.) and I am very confident: we seem to be on the right track!
  • We were contacted to see if we were interested in developing a diagnostic game on the topic of cardiovascular disease. I said yes โค๏ธ

Small takeaway: let's not undervalue what comes "easy" to us
I've been doing it since forever. Developing a product for learning a language, or for branding, or for meditation seems easy to me when I compare it to the kind of deep work like intรนiti, so I have often devalued those kinds of projects (in fact depreciating myself and what I am good at). Now that I really want the deck to learn Portuguese, I realize I've been a fool ๐Ÿ˜…

Come to think of it, when I see a shoemaker making a shoe it seems like magic to me, but to him it is just doing what he knows how to do. Let's not sell ourselves short: if it's easy for us, that's where the magic lies๐Ÿ‘Œ

My epiphany
I spent the first few weeks in Lisbon trying to be vibrant at all costs: I was trying to meet people, going out a lot, I was squeezing myself to come up with ingenious ideas to pitch to Umberto that could make a decisive difference in my life and for the company, and then ... I realized that I hadn't done enough work on Creative Ambush. I did some, but very little, not like a hobby but almost. If I had a deadline, I would have laid it out in five days.

๐ŸŒˆ Creative takeaway: choose your own adventure
I realized that I was looking for life outside of myself when my adventure, the one that excites and exhilarates me is the adventure of the creative person. Working on the project early in the morning and then at the bar, and then again in the afternoon, and why not, even late at night. That's where I belong.
As soon as I saw it (I know it sounds corny but when we see things it's not like just saying it, it clicks somewhere and something changes inside) my energy changed. I became more alive, more ... at ease. And the world came to me: I met people because I was at the bar working, I felt like going out and having fun because I was happy (as simple as that, ahahah).
Choose your own adventure because, well, it's yours!

With โค๏ธ,

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