Creative Bulletin n.214

Creative Bulletin n.214

Yesterday we launched a handbook to help therapists and family mediators introduce intùiti in their sessions and it has received a far more enthusiastic reception than I expected.

I'm happy because it means that intùiti is truly becoming a tool for helping people ❤️ (plus I didn't think that so many therapists had it 😂)

Special mention. Yesterday we gìbegan Edito Masterclass with Evelina Santangelo and it was really nice and intense. Thank you to those who attended.

I hope to translate both the manual and the course into English soon.

What I’m learning. The experience in Lisbon is like a full on retreat: I'm on my own a lot, I'm working a lot, I'm reviewing these past years which were full of changes, I'm reading, writing, walking, thinking. Ironically, the layout of Creative Ambush is helping me because I can find many solutions in the pages I wrote myself a few months ago during my crazy fits 😅 In short, I'm poking my own self.

The opening image of the bulletin represents diving inside ourselves, searching for our depths and our demons. To express ourselves freely we have to meet them. I am coming to terms with it these days: my being snobbish, the arrogance, the fear of being just an asshole, a lowlife. Nice, uh? 😂

🌈 Creative takeaway: dominate the fire
Why put yourself in an uncomfortable position? Why take the time to get to the bottom of it? Because there is no other way. I had the courage to ask for help the other day, to see where I had gone wrong and how far I'd gone in. the wrong direction, to feel like a poor schmuck, to be vulnerable. Afterwards I felt as grounded as ever, because I had gone through the fire and ... I was still alive!
Truth is, I've never felt this creative in my life.
Make time to go and meet your demons. And then take them by the hand. They will lead you beyond the fire and even further! 😘

With ❤️,

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