Creative Bulletin n.217

Creative Bulletin n.217

I am building Sefirot Consulting's website
Yes, in a few weeks we will open up to consulting 🤟 We will start with private intùiti sessions, business analysis with BAD, and support in the advanced use of Fabula and Edito.

Over the past few months, many people have been asking us for help with their creative projects. With Sefirot Consulting we are putting ourselves in a position to answer that call ❤️

The importance of direct contact. After spending many years as a freelancer, once I opened the company, I snubbed consulting «Lord forbid» I would tell Andrea, Sefirot’s co-founder, «let’s devote ourselves to tools since talking to clients is just a huge pain in the ass».

👉 I was wrong. The problem is when you stay locked in your little room writing, designing, drawing, building, modeling, studying, filing, etc., you won't evolve. It's ok for a bit, but then the air becomes stale, we become stuffy and you need to open the windows to breath again.

I realize now that I would have never been able to write Creative Ambush if for two years I had not conducted intùiti readings, during which I worked with more than five hundred people, who shared with me their thoughts, problems, sufferings, and their blocks. intùiti as a tool didn’t change for the last eleven years, but using it week after week changed me.

🌈 Creative takeaway: to exist in the world
For the first month in Lisbon I was not in the world. I locked myself in the house to write and work, which I could have done in Turin, Milan or anywhere else, what I kept on saying was: «Lisbon is beautiful, but a bit boring, there's nothing going on». No shit: I was clenched on myself like a fist 😅

Then one night, last week, I realized what I was doing and I wondered why I had made the effort to be alone for so long. The answer: I came here with one goal - to think and work - and everything else was superfluous. Haha. Do you see how foolish we can be when we focus on the wrong things?
To be purposeful I became a bore 😂

The next day I did what I usually do: went to a coworking and then to an event. I opened up, and Lisbon opened up to me. Those were the best days.

We have to strive to open up to the world, especially in these digital times where solitude is a constant temptation, because if we don't enter the world, what are we doing in it? 😘

With ❤️,

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