Creative bulletin n.219

Creative bulletin n.219

We’re working to launch The Creative Ambush, the handbook on creativity. Some of us on proofreading, some on translation, some on layout. The first beta readers we sent are enthusiastic ❤️ We trust that by summer it will be in your hands!

A taste. Inside Creative Ambush I tried to include everything I have learned in the field of creativity, and I don't mean only professionally (design, advertising, etc.) but as a real opportunity to express yourself and live creatively. As I write in the introduction, with this book my goal is to turn you into “your favorite creatives,” and to do that, I will challenge you in the pages with exercises and with real “ambushes” to force you out of your comfort zone and into the land of creativity 🔥

The book is divided in phases:

  • Demolish. We will debunk some of the phrases and misconceptions we have been taught that limit us creatively.
  • Awakening. We will identify the internal blocks that have now become part of us -excuses, fears, judgment -and try to overcome them.
  • Structure. We will talk about the framework of the creative act: where do ideas come from? The discipline to put them into practice. How can we train our two parts, the feminine and the masculine?
  • Process. We will look at the creative process that I use-the same one that I use to create Sefirot products-with the idea that we can create a new one, unique for each one of you.
  • Faith. We'll sink into the hardest part of the creative journey - discomfort - and find out how to sustain its intensity.
  • Expansion.  Finally we will discover how to spread out into the world and be proud of what we have created.

It is a tool for everyone: both professional and non-professional creatives. It is good for writers, artists, entrepreneurs, managers, but also for anyone who wants to deepen their desire to express themselves.

Nice things that have happened this week. We're being contacted for collaborations by several prestigious realities, including the Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce (interested in BAD) and Stanford's world-famous di (one of the most important reference points for Design Thinking 😱). In short, it seems that the stars are aligning very nicely 🚀

🌈 Creative takeaway: play at the game of life
During these past years, the perceived struggle has often been unbearable, that feeling of having to do 10 to get 2, and then having to start almost all over again with each project, with each idea. I think all creative people who work on their own know what I'm talking about.
And then something happens: by trying and trying and trying, pitching projects, writing, submitting, posting on Instagram and Facebook, it happens that one day the right person doesn't scroll and instead clicks, or they're sitting at a bar and a friend tells them about you; and maybe that friend is someone we met last year in San Francisco on our trip, maybe it's someone who didn't scroll and clicked at one point.
And this ball becomes an avalanche and finally opens the door we've been looking for.
You can call them coincidences, or you can call them the game of life. If you have faith, it happens sooner or later.
This is a message to all the creative men and women who feel exhausted: don't throw in the towel yet, let's not get discouraged, let's keep playing, keep trying.
Let's keep doing what we like: that's what the game is all about 😘

With ❤️,

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