Creative Bulletin n.220

Creative Bulletin n.220

Yep, it’s true: instead of taking part to the Turin Book Fair as we’ve been doing for the past editions, this year we’ll just throw a party 😂🍷
And you’re all invited: I’ll do some intùiti sessions,you’ll be able to test our products, we’ll talk about creativity, get to know each other, we’ll drink and dance. Bottom line we’ll try to have fun!

You can let us know if you will attend by writing here >>

Why did we decide not to participate

  • The Fair was becoming an annual obligation, a “it must be done” and as everything that becomes a must, we were getting tired of it 😂
  • Between the organization, set-up, and time spent in the booth, we are talking about ten days of full-time work for several people (not counting the 3 days afterwards to recover), so we decided to devote ourselves to something else, for example, preparing the launch of Creative Ambush and designing new products!
  • To be completely honest, it was just not worth tit. The financial outcome was always positive, but by a small margin 😱

Playing on your own chords. Over the past three years we have often wondered whether it makes sense for Sefirot to be at the Fair.
The very first year, during Covid, the original idea was to organize an event where you actually have time to talk about creativity, relax, discuss ideas, projects, to really get to know each other, and most of all have fun (which is difficult when you have to run a booth inside a huge fair).
Then there was the pandemic and we said «We better not overdo it, let's try to do what the others do».

But we always felt a bit out of place, our booth was different from the others, with just a few products, with the need to explain them to each person that approached the tables.

🌈 Creative takeaway: find a way to be yourself
Sometimes we can't really be ourselves in a place where we standout. If we can't express ourselves best at other people's events, we can try to create an event ourselves and see if we can attract those who are similar to us.
It will be a good experiment 😊

With ❤️,

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