Creative Bulletin n.221

Creative Bulletin n.221

For the past few days I've been having fun taking quotes from The Creative Ambush and turning them into  Instagram posts (you can find them here 😉 >> )

It's a mix of joy and anguish: I'm doing it because it has to be done (the launch is close and you have to communicate), however, I'm doing it in a way that I like, so I enjoy it and it makes me proud.

The truth behind launches. The other night I read a to-do list for the launch of The Creative Ambush to a friend of mine. She started holding her breath and she got more and more red in the face. Haha. Yes, that's exactly how I feel.

Between production, organizing the logistics, prototyping, writing the launch emails, a short video (it's a must 😅), the landing's an enormous amount of stuff to do.

The unbelievable and almost ridiculous part is that after so many years and several launches, you might think, "All right, we've got it figured out by now, it's a piece of cake," but instead it's always lethal. Especially because on top of the crazy amount of work there is the underlying fear of failure, which, as experience shows, is always a possibility 😱

So, to those of you who are launching your first project, I want to say: 1) you are not alone and 2) get used to the emptiness in your stomach because it will show up every time 😂

🌈 Creative takeaway: welcome anxiety
Last Wednesday, during the intùiti night, I started to feel anxious about the upcoming launch and I wanted to know how to handle it, so I did a self-reading. I expected a response along the lines of  "Relax," "Go for a walk," but instead the advice from the cards was, "Go into it. Stress out." 😂
And I realized that it's normal to have anxiety! If we care for something to come out well, to work, we're bound to wake up early with a thousand ideas, to get our heart rate up, to want to do and never stop. I mean: if we don't care, who should care?
If you have a project you care about, don't spare yourself: get anxious, get stressed, get into it. You will rest after 😘

With ❤️,

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