Creative bulletin n.223

Creative bulletin n.223

As I've been doing every year, for the pst few years, last week I took part in a shamanic training. The practice I found most intense was the covenant with the roses: I asked to learn to open up and feel more. Getting closer to nature also means acknowledging one's own nature, and I trust that this covenant will change many things 😊

The Creative Ambush. The project is moving forward at full speed. The English translation is almost finished, I picked up the first prototype on Monday, and next week we will shoot a video for the launch (I think it will be out around June 18th 😎) You'll be able to tell me soon what you think!

Expansion. A series of important events are occurring:

  • We are changing our warehouse:To reduce shipping errors, I decided to use a new logistics partner, which employs a more automated order management. So I found out that we have 50 pallets (that's 2 truckloads) of creative products 😀
  • We are entering classical distribution. After almost six years, it happened. Soon you will also find us in all mainstream libraries in Italy (Feltrinelli, Mondadori etc.) 🤟
  • New products in the making. We are designing new products. We’ll launch one on branding soon, then a series for fast language learning and a series on how to lead workshops in and for companies 🔥

🐈 Looking for creatives
There can't be expansion without someone to have fun with. I am looking for creatives and freelancers -specifically: graphic designers/art directors, copywriters and product/game designers - to work on some of Sefirot's new products and/or ads.
I am looking for talent, with skills and vision in line with Sefirot, people who are willing to embrace challenges and really give their all to what they are doing. If you fit the description, please send an email with your portfolio to - if you would like to share this posting with someone, I would be super grateful 🙏

🌈 Creative takeaway: as inside so outside
The training I took part in showed me the importance of inner work. Who are we? What do we really want? And what stops us from getting it? I talk about this in the intùiti manual and in The Creative Ambush: we cannot hope to expand and express ourselves if we have something inside that prevents us from doing so.
We cannot hope to become big if inside we feel small, or to succeed if inside we feel like failures, or that love will come if we are as closed as clams. We must have the courage to go deep and be real. It's no cakewalk (it's not just talking to roses 😅), it takes a lot of courage to say out loud: «I struggled so much this past year», «I feel small», «I’m afraid of not being enough». Just as it takes courage to tell a friend «That hurt my feelings», and to an employee «It’s not working».
We must bring out what's inside, without feeling ashamed.
There is no other way to blossom 🌹

With ❤️,

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