Creative Bulletin n.224

Creative Bulletin n.224

We're about to launch! In a few weeks we will give you the opportunity to pre-order The Creative Ambush, our handbook on creativity.

In the meantime, we are officially looking for a few Beta Readers: the first readers who will have a chance to read the volume before it goes to print.
You can sign up here >>

We will select 5: the first 2 to sign up, and the other 3 names will be drawn randomly tomorrow night 😂

The Creative Ambush video. Today we will shoot the stop motion video to introduce the book. I feel a bit like the old days, when we had our little camera, a table and a lot of imagination. We'll edit it in a flash and show it to you!

Submissions. I received over 150 applications for copywriters and designers. I'm moved by the number of people who want to work with us ❤️ I've also discovered how challenging it is to recruit (I've responded to everyone, if I haven't replied to someone, please tell me, I must have missed the email!) - I think I've already identified a few people who will help me make Sefirot grow.

Sefirot schools. While I was doing one of the exercises during a workshop with Igor Sibaldi, to the question: «How to make the company expand?», the answer that came up was: «invoke schools» 😂 I decided that we will work very hard in that direction: we will expose as many young people as possible to our products!

🌈 Creative takeaway:  look for something important
Ahead of The Creative Ambush's launch, since Sunday I have decided to work at a tighter pace... and it's amazing because it's as if I haven't waited to do anything else! I work from morning to night and yet I feel alive and in a good mood. At night I sleep the sleep of the just and in the morning I wake up early and I feel like a spinner 😅
It's like I'm back in time when I launched intùiti, I feel like I'm doing something challenging and most of all important.
I wish for all of you to feel that way: to find something important 😘

With ❤️,