Creative Bulletin n.229

Creative Bulletin n.229

This is how the first three days of my mountain retreat looked: two hours long afternoon naps 😂 And the usual activities: swimming at the river, meditations, art therapy, inner work (I talk a lot about all of this in The Creative Ambush).

From problem to solution. We have been racking our brains so much about producing ads for Facebook and Instagram to the point of exhaustion (and we're also frankly, bored). In one of the last meetings calls, we said "Is it possible that this work can't be done with a method?"

👉 Ten minutes later we were building an outline for building ads. We're elated by what's emerging because we finally have a structure to lean on to bring order to the many (too many) ideas, and it's helping us work better. We've already put it to work for the Ambush ads 🔥

This is how the best ideas are born: from true need. If this framework helps us, it may help someone else as well. Who knows, maybe it will become a Sefirot product one day!

🌈 Creative takeaway: abandoning the structures will set us free
These days I am working on the witness point of view: which means being able to observe my behaviors and what happens to me from the outside, without the judgment of the structures and beliefs I am used to.
I think it happens in the creative sphere as well: maybe today we feel like painting but we don't do it because we have set our minds that we are writers and that in our spare time we have to write; or we are offered a job that we really like but that pays less than our current one and we remind ourselves that changing jobs without a salary raise is stupid; or we would like to quit working on one of our projects but we are not people who quit and blah blah blah.
Old structures limit us. What happens if we observe without considering these structures? That guy wants to paint today, how nice; that other guy could work a job he likes better and-wow, he is ready to quit his project because he realized it's time to do something else.
Let's be free even from who we think we are. And... good luck 🌟

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