Creative Bulletin n.68

Creative Bulletin n.68

Oh yes, that one below is exactly the structure for Fabula for Editing, our new tool made to edit your manuscripts. We think we’re there and even Dalia, the editor who’s been helping us out through this process, seems to be satisfied with it, so... wow 😍 we’re really happy!

🐸🐸🐸 Pre-order Fabula for Kids

A lot of you wrote to us asking if they could order Fabula for Kids even if the Kickstarter campaign is over. We’re sorry we didn’t answer before, we were trying to figure out how 😅

You can do it here >>

We accept payments via PayPal and credit card, and you’ll be added to the list of those who will receive the first batch (which will be in July).

🐐🐐🐐 What we’ve been up to this week

  • We sent Fabula for Kids to print. It is always a delicate moment: even if you checked and checked the files, whenever you push that Send button, your legs tremble 😂
  • We have (hopefully, maybe) found the illustrator for Fabula for Editing. She is a marine biologist specialized in scientific drawing and, since editing reminds us of the study of anatomy (of a text in this case), we thought she was perfect!
  • Andrea started working on a draft of Fabula video classes (yep: it’s coming 🚀)
  • We officially have a blog 🎉 and we started filling it with past bulletins. They are 68, in Italian and English, so it’ll take some time to add them all 😂

🦊🦊🦊 What we would like to do

  • We want to focus more on the creative aspect: the development of a new product, the scouting of new authors, tools that go in-depth and support our products; writing articles that can help creatives navigate this odd world of “doing”.
  • Make our tools available all over the world and translated in every language (let us dream a bit 😍) – Matteo Ufocinque Capobianco said that if he’ll ever find Fabula for Kids in Japanese in Shibuya, he will start crying on the spot.

🎃🎃🎃 What we’ve learned

We can’t keep going this way. This much we understand. We did a good job: we came up with a new business model in an old market, we reached goals that we didn’t even think were possible (more than 80,000 units sold worldwide: who would have thought?! 😅) and we reached maximum capacity. It’s even worse actually: 80% of our time is spent dealing with problems related to the business side of our work, only the remaining 20% goes to the creative part, and at that point the risk is to approach it with less intensity and care.

During a shamanic journey Matteo saw that he was a frog who, in order to turn to a dragon, had to swallow huge rocks, and then, once he became a dragon he burned everything to the ground. It is a great metaphor: if we keep on swallowing rocks the risk is that we will become angry and barren.

And let’s be frank: how can we inspire creativity into others if we stop being creative?

🌈 Takeaway: life is made of clay, you can model it however you see fit
Our problem is not «How can Sefirot perform better». Our problem is «How do we want to live our lives»: how do we want our life to look like, how do we want our days to look like, how do we want to feel.

We want to be creative and crazy (this last part refers mostly to Matteo 😂), we want to have time to get lost into the developing stages of new products (the ones that our grandkids will still be using in 50 years) we want to dream them, study them, take care of them.

«But you can’t just pretend the other side of business doesn’t exist!»

Bullshit. Excuses excuses. We lie to ourselves because the truth is that life is ours and we can model it the way we want. We already called Umberto, our Marketing Manager, and we asked him to join the company effectively and handle the entire sales department and we also think that there must be other people out there who are like us and if we join forces we can reach new and improved levels.

And we are going to find them 😉

With ❤️,
Matteo and Andrea from Sefirot

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