Creative Bulletin n.69

Creative Bulletin n.69

Yep, that’s how we actually feel. We bugged the developers (a lot!) to come up with a blog for us (you can find it at, we started filling it with previous bulletins, and then we stopped...and now, what should we write in it???

🌈 Early Takeaway: the medium might be the message, but the message is also the message itself!
We’ve experienced on our own skin what the philosopher McLuhan claimed – the Medium is the Message – and, just like writers who have just bought a new Moleskine and spends their time looking at it and holding it in their hands, we felt like we had a million potential content, we felt the excitement of the blog, we were bloggers with fireworks in our eyes, and then...we realized that the excitement was an end unto itself.

Ok, maybe we should take a step back and ask: «Regardless of the means, what do we want to write about?»

🐒🐒🐒 What we want to write

  • Bulletins. The first use of the blog is that of a container for the creative bulletins. We used to keep them on  Medium but they were too many 😂
  • Books and scripts analyses. We had tons made but we never had a place to gather them online in an orderly manner. This seems like a good one!
  • Exercises with intùiti. Matteo could write a bunch of exercises to do with intùiti, also to show the many possible uses of the tool, but he never had the space up till now (and he’s also lazy at times!)
  • GetAwayWithCreativity. A column in which we tell how we practically handled topics like FB ads or how to launch a Kickstarter campaign; we would like to share the info we would have loved to have access to years ago.

And here’s your time to shine: what would you like to read? What are you interested in? What makes you angry? What aspects of the creative/entrepreneurial world leave you baffled? Let us know, please! 🙏

🐐🐐🐐 What we’ve been up to this week

Not much (thankfully!). We answered a lot of emails, we tried to understand what to do with the blog and then we took a break for three days taking advantage of Easter 🐇

🦊🦊🦊 What we would like to do

Lessons on creativity.The incubator at the University of Turin contacted us to lead a series of lessons for high school kids and we’d like to use this as a draft for a broader program. The first task we have identified is «work on yourself». If you think about it, how can we be creative, how can we express ourselves at the top of our potential if we carry baggage that restrains the way that we feel, do, or dare?

Yesterday Matteo tried to do an exercise that his teacher suggested -  write who you are on one page, something like a recap of your life - and he lost his mind 😂 he’ll try again today.

And you? How do you work on yourselves?

With ❤️,
Matteo and Andrea

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