Creative Bulletin n.73

Creative Bulletin n.73

Last week, one of our readers suggested decreasing the frequency of the Bulletin: she told us that it was becoming repetitive. We didn’t take it that well at the beginning 😂

🌈 Takeaway: don’t forget to listen
It happens to us all: we’re sure that something we’re doing is working just the way it is and we never second guess it. A good example is someone writing 73 bulletins without asking the readers for suggestions and opinions 😅

But we are ready to fix that. First of all we’d like to thank our reader who took the time to send us a pungent feedback (🙏) and we want to ask for your help to make Sefirot’s Creative Bulletin better by taking 👉 this survey

After all we made this Bulletin for you and it’s yours as much as it is ours 😉

With ❤️
Matteo and Andrea

*** Sefirot’s Creative Bulletin ***

In this bulletin we tell you how we run an independent publishing company.
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