Creative Bulletin n.88

Creative Bulletin n.88

🐐🐐🐐 What we’ve done in the last few weeks

  • We had a workshop with Veronica, screenwriter of the series Imposter (that we funded) and we have validated the story structure of the first 6 episodes. They’ll start shooting in October. Wow 🎉
  • The tower where Matteo holed up did pay off: the first draft of Mario3 is ready  🍷– in the meantime Andrea is almost done revising Mario1 and Mario2 so… it’s coming!

🐐🐐🐐 What we’ve done on Monday

The summer is almost over and we suffered of September syndrome: we wanted to fix all loose ends:

  • We started shipping Fabula for Kids – the decks finally arrived in the warehouse 🚀
  • At 7AM Matteo had to discuss with our Polish suppliers because they delayed our new productions by 2 and a half months: it seems there’s shortage of raw materials all over Europe (remember when we told you that running a company seems like living in a Ken Follet’s novel?)
  • We are reviewing the prototypes of BAD – our tool for Business-Aware Design – and Fabula for Editing, and we’re almost ready to start the beta tests (thanks to those who applied 🙏)
  • We started to design the stand of the International Book Fair in Turin, where you are all invited to join us 🤗

🐈🐈🐈 What we are learning

In order to make BAD and Fabula for Editing bulletproof, we are working very hard to “break” them: we are challenging their structure with extreme scenarios. Especially for BAD, we are having a lot of fun analysing the business models for basically anything we can think of – from restaurants to lamp companies, from the writer who wants to self-publish to the publisher with a national distribution – and what we discovered opened our eyes. A company has to make a revenue; to do so it has to invest and investing means risking. Most of the things we don’t understand about our reality, they have business-related causes.

🍕 Creative Takeaway: follow the money.

Follow the money. They say it in crime novels and it’s so true. Through the analysis of business choices, we go beyond accepting a system for what it is: we can understand why it exists and what we can do to change it, elude it, or replace it. If we stop on the surface and get stuck on «Publishing houses publish too many titles» or «Netflix is only producing shit» we won’t get anywhere. Why do they do it? What dogma do they follow? Why are they sure about their model? But most of all… if this wasn’t true, how different could reality be? 🧙‍♂️

With ❤️,
Matteo and Andrea

We were late with this last bulletin and one of you texted us to know if we were ok ❤️ That was really touching. Thank you so much for your constant support!

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